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A content specialist with ten years of experience in the creative / media industry. To request for more samples from her portfolio, email yulesss[at]



The Health Risk Every Contact Lens User Should Know About

Has your doctor warned you about this danger of prolonged contact lens wear? True story: After an exhausting day, April dragged herself to the bathroom. Standing before the mirror, she began her nightly ritual of removing her contact lenses. Her eyes began to sting and water. It wasn’t just the discomfort that alarmed April.

Don't look back in anger

While anger is a normal human emotion, it can become destructive when it spirals out of control.

Is exercise the magic bullet for cancer? Studies link it to drop in patient deaths

Scientists have spent decades and millions of dollars trying to discover and develop better ways to treat people with cancer. But what if cancer’s wonder drug is actually just a brisk walk, slow jog or a few laps of the pool? A growing body of research reveals the potential of exercise as a simple and inexpensive treatment for cancer.

Shashlik Restaurant re-opens

Hearts that broke over the closure of Shashlik last December will be mended when the Russo-Hainanese establishment re-opens its doors on 3 March, 2016. The timing could not be better as the restaurant celebrates its 30th anniversary this April. Now to answer the burning question on everyone’s minds: Will the dishes retain the same, good old robust flavours?

6 unhealthy vegetable dishes to avoid at hawker centres

If you’re trying to eat healthy, loading up on vegetables might seem like the right thing to do. Unfortunately, that’s not always so. Just one serving of a popular local veggie-based dish could pack nearly as much fat and calories as two cheeseburgers! read on to find out which veggie items dieters should avoid at the hawker centre.

Aussie Star

The Sunshine Coast has much more than pristine beaches to offer. Li Yuling shows how to plan an amazing road trip through South East Queensland.
Shape Singapore March 2014 Link to Story

Do You Fear Food?

When does healthy eating becomes unhealthy? We take a closer look at orthorexia nervosa, an eating disorder.
Shape Singapore February 2015 Link to Story

How to Use Gym Equipment Correctly

Tips on the best gym machines for women, how to work out right, and the mistakes to avoid. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced gym goer, you should be pumping iron. Here’s how to do it right. By Li Yuling. Few women venture beyond the studios and treadmills in gyms. “Most women prefer to attend fitness classes instead of working out on machines,” says Wendy Cho, master trainer at True Fitness.

Kayla Itsines: The Woman Behind The Bikini Body Guide

Catching up with one of Australia’s fittest Instagrammers. By Li Yuling. Arguably one of Instagram’s hottest fitness personalities, 24-year-old personal trainer @Kayla_Itsines from the land down under is every bit the poster beach babe – except she didn’t score her six-pack surfing Australia’s famous waves.

Your Four-Step Sports Bra Fitting Guide

Your boobs deserve better – follow our tips to find the best sports bra for your body type. By Li Yuling. I can’t say this enough: A good sports bra is a girl’s best friend. I was really quite horrified when I learnt about a study that found that our breasts move up to 12cm in various directions during vigorous exercise.

Quiz: Are You Burning Out?

In today’s crazy world, everyone has to deal with the s-word. But if you’re a modern working woman (who’s ambitious and talented to boot), you run a higher risk of exhaustion. You belong to a new breed of female super-achievers, or what experts call “high octane women”. “These women often travel on the road of life at such a high speed that they don’t always see the big curve up ahead,” says Dr Sherrie Bourg Carter, a US-based psychologist and author of High Octane Women: How Superachievers Can Avoid Burnout.

A Lesson From Yoga Instructor Tara Stiles

How Tara deals with naysayers and negativity in style. By Li Yuling. In September 2014, Tara led a fun session of yoga at a Reebok event organised exclusively for Shape readers. The next day, I got to stretch and sweat with her again at W Hotel Singapore Sentosa Cove. The occasion? W Hotels Worldwide recently launched its first ever fitness programme, FIT with Tara Stiles, and the local media was invited to experience it firsthand.


Yuling Li

A Singapore-based content specialist with ten years of experience in the creative / media industry.

Yuling's writing career began at a boutique advertising agency where she was a copywriter working on through the line campaigns of local and international brands as well as public agencies.

Subsequently, Yuling became a journalist for SPH Magazines, a leading publisher in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region. Within three years, she was promoted to editor of Shape Singapore, a premier women's lifestyle magazine.

Yuling is available for local and international freelance assignments in writing, editing, custom publishing, and content strategy. Her topics of expertise include fitness, health, food and nutrition, beauty, lifestyle, and travel.



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